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Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules Veterans Website

"Night Hides Not" 

Welcome This Website Is Dedicated To The Memory Of
B Battery 2nd Battalion 56th Air Defense Artillery
APO New York 09189  
Ebenberg-Landau I.D. Pfalz-Germany
Preserving the memories that might otherwise be lost to the passage of time.


Problems or questions or comments regarding this website contact

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Your Attention Please-Bravo256ADA Website Deactivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On May 01, 2015, I will be reducing this website down to being a website contact page only after 14 years.

BRAVO256ADA.ORG will then only have an E-Mail Contact link, a guestbook link and our Facebook Group link.

We still have a lot more vets that are registered with us but are not too keen on joining Facebook. We must respect that and keep a link page for you to remain in contact with us.

If you have any info or data on this website from over the years then I would advise you to copy it before May 01, 2015.

Please do not forget to copy your private messages and remember that this was once the main website for all of 2/56 ADA. So there may be something on here that pertains to you vets at HHB, Alpha, Charlie and Delta.

(Disregard this message if you are sure you were never registered).

Thank you


Last update: January 14, 2015

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