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Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules Veterans Website

"Night Hides Not" 

Welcome This Website Is Dedicated To The Memory Of
B Battery 2nd Battalion 56th Air Defense Artillery
APO New York 09189  
Ebenberg-Landau I.D. Pfalz-Germany
Preserving the memories that might otherwise be lost to the passage of time.


Problems or questions or comments regarding this website contact

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Last update: October 26, 2014

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Today I am proud to say that all units in the 2/56 ADA now have their own Facebook Groups. Therefore our support for Alpha, Charlie, Delta and HHB with rosters and guest books has been terminated. This website will remain online in order for Bravo to reach out to those that are not on Facebook. Most of our members are not on Facebook at this time.

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Zweiter Weltkrieg
und Umgebungn 

Website Is Also In English


Plane crashes
World War II
and neighboring areas 

The results of the air war in the Saarland
1939 - 1945

200 plane crashes
240 crewmembers Killed in Action
2300 civilian casualties


This website is dedicated to the commemoration of all these victims from the different nations.

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